Q. What is trance? will you make me cluck like a chicken?

A. No, no chickens involved, its simply a very relaxed state whereby you can better access your unconscious thinking (the bit that drives our conscious thoughts). You won't do anything that you don't want to.

Q. Ive heard of coaching, wouldn't I reach my goals better that way?

A. Coaching is great to use after or in combination with hypnotherapy, but in order to bring about lasting change, the deeper issues need to be dealt with, or the same sabotaging patterns could repeat.

Q. Why is hypnotherapy more expensive than counselling?

A. hypnotherapy is a specialist therapy that is usually delivered intensively in just a few sessions, the therapist also works on their clients in their own time making audio recordings.

Q. Will you fix me so I can live a more fulfilling life?

A. no, I'll give you the tools so that you can help yourself whenever you need to in the future, but I will help you to rectify your faulty thought processes around past events that may be holding you back from living your fullest life.

Q. Is online therapy as effective as face-to-face?

A. Yes, I find it to be, this has been tested to the max during the covid 19 Pandemic. Some clients prefer only face-to-face and that's fine. Some clients love the convenience of online, and find that they feel more free to express themselves through a screen whilst in the comfort of their own home.

Q. How will I know if therapy is working?

A. Clients frequently experience small changes (usually from the second session) in how they are living their life and these soon add up to make more significant positive changes and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

Q. I'm considering a career change, is this something you can help with?

A. Yes, certainly, we can look at your core values that motivate you to work in a particular industry, and if that's not where you currently are we can do some goal setting to help get you there as well as work on any limiting beliefs about yourself hat are holding you back.

Q. Do you see children?

A. yes, generally children over 12 years old, their imaginations can be wonderful tools when we work with imagery and metaphor.

Q. Do you offer family therapy?

A. not as such, but I sometimes see both parent and child, or both siblings in a family (separately). With siblings for example, if there has been childhood trauma or dysfunctional parenting naturally both siblings may have current issues, albeit they may present differently.

Q. I have a medical condition, can I still have hypnotherapy?

A. Depends what it is, epilepsy, seizures and chronic bradycardia are contraindicated, as are serious mental health issues requiring inpatient psychiatric care.

Q. Do you see pregnant clients?

A. Yes, I see ladies with fertility issues and for example anxiety during pregnancy, as well as post-natal issues including birth trauma. Pregnancy limits some of the techniques we can use so I need to know prior to starting sessions.

Q. Where abouts to you see clients?

A. I see clients in comfortable confidential spaces in both Angel and Victoria and now Clapham, aswell as online via Zoom.

Q. Do I have to be in deep trance for the suggestions to work?

A. No, All the evidence suggests that the depth of trance has no effect on the desired outcome of the hypnotic suggestion being taken on board.

Q. how would you describe your therapeutic style?

A. I would say I am fairly no nonsense, in the sense that I am comfortable having frank conversations with clients about their situations, re-framing can be an important part of the therapy.

Q. Do your clients keep in touch with you?

A. Yes, absolutely, I like to hear how my clients are getting on, and often receive referrals through them for family members or friends.

Q. Do you do longer term therapy?

A. Yes, I sometimes have clients come to me with a shopping list of issues and it seems beneficial to work at a slower pace over 3 months to address each issue in part, I provide a competitive monthly payment plan for this work, please message for details.

Q. Does my insurance cover hypnotherapy?

A. Not directly, but if you have health cash it can go towards session fees.

Q. Do you work on your own development as a therapist?

A. Yes, absolutely, continuing professional development is very important to me, whether it be from attending workshops or reading articles. I also attend regular supervision and get feedback on my performance.

Q. Whats the difference between you and stage hypnosis?

A. The main difference is that audience participants of stage hypnosis are having something done to them, potentially for entertainment rather than of therapeutic value. Individual hypnosis is a mutual agreement and relationship between therapist and client to collaboratively work on issues both in and out of trance.

Q. Do you offer couples counselling?

A. Yes, but most of the sessions will take place separately with each partner, except at the beginning and the end. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout, so that no information is disclosed to one partner/client and goes any further to the other partner/client. However I obviously get a privileged all round view of both partners issue and potential reasons for triggers in each other.

Q. Do you do home visits?

A. Yes, on occasion, if a client is unable to travel for physical or psychological reasons. I may charge an additional £10 travel expenditure fee depending on location.

Q. Do you have a DBS criminal record check?

A. Yes, i have an enhanced DBS check for working with both adults and children.

Q. do you have therapy rooms that are accessible to those with limited mobility?

A. Both my practice locations have stairs, but it is possible to book rooms on ground floor if I know in advance.

Q. Do you see clients for medical problems?

A. Yes, anything from migraines to IBS, the mind body connection is well established.

Q. My child is 16 years old, do I need to be present for the session?

A. I ask that the parent comes to the first session, but after an initial chat together, can wait outside if their child wishes it. After that the client can come alone if they are comfortable with that.

Q. Are you officially trained in child Hypnotherapy?

A. No, there is no training of that nature, I combine by background and volunteering experience with children, training in Child & Adolescent Early interventions in mental health and hypnotherapy techniques.

Q. Is there research around children's Hypnotherapy?

A. there is very little research around children's hypnotherapy, doesn't mean it doesn't work, its just not proven. Results can be rapid with children due to the neuroplasticity of their brains compared to adults.

Q. Do you do counselling in the session?

A. yes this naturally part of the session when we talk about your past and how you relate to the world.

Q. Whats the difference between hypnotherapy and cognitive hypnotherapy?

A. Cognitive hypnotherapy merely combines multiple techniques including NLP, Ericksonian theory and Gestalt, it ultimately give a bigger tool box to work with.

Q. How long should I leave between sessions?

A. The first and session can be a week apart. after that we generally space them our every two weeks to enable you to live the changes.

Q. will I cry during the session?

A. Sometimes clients cry, it is safe place to express emotions, memories of past events can cause feeling, we go at your pace though.

Q. Can I have hypnotherapy if I'm on psychiatric medication?

A. Yes, most likely, although some conditions such as borderline personality disorder (BPD), are not recommended for hypnotherapy.

Q. Do you do gastric band hypnotherapy for weight loss?

A. No, in order to gain lasting results, we take a slow and steady approach and uncover some of the core reasons you may be emotionally over eating for example.

Q. Can you stop my partner from smoking?

A. I can take your partner on as a client and potentially help facilitate positive change in their life is that is their wish, the want to change must come from the person though.

Q. Am I too anxious to be hypnotised, I panic as I start to relax as I feel I am losing control?

A. This can happen when your safety mechanism is to stay in control, I have techniques that allow you to be in control of how fast/deep into trance you go and we work at your pace anyway,

Q. Do you see clients for SAD?

A. Yes, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more common than you might think, but symptoms can vary in severity greatly. I have had good results with clients presenting with SAD.

Q. I can't afford the session fees, do you do concessions?

A. I do offer a limited amount of reduced fee sessions per quarter, contact me for details.

Q. What if i can't pay for my session?

A. Session fees are generally taken up front, if you are in financial difficulties please contact me to see if we can come to an arrangement. Non communication and non payment of completed session may result in legal action being taken.

Q. My child is anxious about their exams, is this something you can help with?

A. Yes, i work with children over 11 years, we can do some work around why they get anxious and teach them easy techniques they can employ themselves.

Q. Do you see clients with IBS?

A. Yes, the research into gut brain connection is well formed and hypnotherapy is proven to provide lasting relief of symptoms.

Q. Do you see women with pre menstrual mood disorders?

A. yes, I do, I see clients with PMDD, a severe form of mood related pre menstrual emotional lability and have found hypnotherapy to be very effective.

Q. Do you see clients with sexual issues?

A. Yes, I see men and women with intimacy issues ranging from erectile dysfunction, including premature ejaculation, I see women for vulvodynia amongst other issues.

Q. Do you work with all clients virtually?

A. it depends on the client and the issue, if its possible to meet once f2f then continue on zoom, then i encourage this whenever possible.

Q. How would you help me to overcome my sugar addiction?

A. First, we would look to remedy underlying issues like emotional eating/rewarding, then look to prep the brain for change, mix up your routine around eating sometimes, i use aversion technique and an audio of helpful suggestions.

Q. which locations can I see you at?

A. I am currently working from Angel, Clapham and Belgravia.

Q. I want my partner to stop smoking, can you help him?

A. Yes, potentially, but it has to be his decision to give up, therapy needs to come with an open mind to change.

Q. Do you see mums around the birthing period?

A Yes, I see women pre and post-natally where there are a lot of changes in mind and body.

Q. Do you specialize in phobias?

A. yes, in a way that all Hypnotherapists do, by working out how do your prov=blem, the triggers and past events that have lead you to have this reaction, and work with you to re-set your thinking around the phobia, hypnotherapy lends very well to phobias.