About Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an ingenious blend of disciplines including neurolinguistic programming (NLP), positive psychology, and Eriksonian theory, we also utilise timeline regression and 'rewind' techniques. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be uniquely tailored for you.

Anxiety and depression

What is Cog hyp?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Trance Is an Everyday Occurrence

You are in and out of trance most of the day, daydreaming at your desk? then suddenly become aware of noises around you again? you were in trance. Drove the car a familiar route home but don't really recall details of the journey? you were in trance...It is not about relinquishing control to a therapist, it's about them guiding your unconscious to a state of relaxation whereby we can work on undoing negative thought patterns.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Tailor-Made for You

I don't use standardised scripts, each intervention is bespoke to your needs, we agree a tailor-made treatment plan for you in the first session. The great thing about Cognitive Hypnotherapy is its flexibility, that's why it's so effective in treating a wide range of issues in a broad range of people.The skill comes from the therapist knowing which technique to use, and at what time, we work at a pace that is comfortable for you. A personalised recording is provided for you to listen to before sleep, this consolidates the work we do in session.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy


A pilot study in 2015, published by the Mental Health Review journal on the effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy showed promising results with 71% of anxiety and depression sufferers considering themselves recovered after an average of just 6 sessions. Just 42%of participants receiving CBT and other therapies reported similar results using the same outcome measure. Learn More